Fenugreek Water For Diabetes: How To Use Methi Dana To Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Fenugreek Water For Diabetes: How To Use Methi Dana To Manage Blood Sugar Levels

By the year 2030, Diabetes is set to become the seventh largest killer across the globe, says the WHO. Diabetes is a condition marked by fluctuations in blood sugar levels. There are many different types of Diabetes: Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, gestational diabetes, and prediabetes. Lack of awareness and misdiagnosis can make diabetes management even tougher. Diabetics are often advised to take extra care about their diet. If their blood sugar levels are consistently high, they are even prescribed a special diabetes diet. Sugary goods, high carb foods and trans-fats are not advised to be included in a diabetes diet plan. They should add more fibre rich foods to their diets. There are many herbal concoctions that could help manage blood sugar levels naturally too. One such concoction is that of fenugreek water. According to Ayurvedic experts, diabetics should definitely have a stock of methi dana (fenugreek seeds) in their homes. You can consume methi dana sprouts or drink fenugreek water the first thing in morning. 

Diabetes Management: Why Does Fenugreek Water Help Manage Blood Sugar Levels? 

A study published in the International Journal For Vitamin and Nutrition Research, found that a daily dose of 10 grams of fenugreek seeds soaked in hot water may help control type-2 diabetes. Methi dana water has the ability to lower blood sugar in people with diabetes. It contains fibre and helps in slowing down digestion process, further regulating the absorption of carbohydrates and sugar. The fenugreek water also helps in improving the way your body uses sugar.

You can mix it up with other herbs and spices that are known to manage blood sugar too. Dr P.S Phadke in the book, Home Doctor, Natural Healing with Herbs, Condiments and Spices, suggests a combination of fenugreek seed powder and amla to combat diabetes mellitus. "Take dried Indian gooseberry powder, turmeric and fenugreek seed powder in equal quantities. A teaspoon of this mixture can be taken thrice a day with water to check diabetes".

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