Cong MLA raises land mafia threat to Bhiwani school, CM Khattar say no misuse will be tolerated

Cong MLA raises land mafia threat to Bhiwani school, CM Khattar say no misuse will be tolerated
Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar. (File)

Bhiwani BJP MP Dharambir Singh’s letter to CM Manohar Lal Khattar on land sharks allegedly eyeing Halwasiya Vidya Vihar Senior Secondary School land was raised in the Vidhan Sabha Wednesday by Tosham MLA Kiran Choudhry. After the Congress MLA sought the CM’s reply on action being taken in the matter, Khattar assured that any misuse of the school’s land will neither be tolerated nor allowed.

The Indian Express had on Tuesday reported about the MP’s letter raising the issue and claiming that it was tarnishing the BJP’s image.

Raising the issue, Kiran Choudhry said: “It was in 1976, when Chaudhary Bansi Lal ji had got a land acquired in Bhiwani and given it for constructing a school. Today, a school is functional on that land and 2,250 children are studying there and more than 150 teachers are there. Value of this land is Rs 200 crore, but it is extremely unfortunate that land sharks are eyeing this piece of land now. A case was also going on in the court and government was also defending it, but three-four days ago government has withdrawn its stand. As a result, several allegations are being levelled (on the government).”

Referring to the report published in The Indian Express and flashing the news article’s clipping in the House, Kiran Choudhry added, “Your own Member of Parliament, Chaudhary Dharambir Singh, I have today read in The Indian Express, has written a letter to the Chief Minister. I had also written a letter to the Chief Minister on this issue. When the government had appointed an administrator on this land, why was he withdrawn. If this is the way it will go, it is a matter of severe corruption. This might not be in the Chief Minister’s knowledge, but I would like to say that it is a serious issue and concerns land worth Rs 200 crore and converting this land, selling it for constructing malls. Dharambir ji has written in his letter that certain BJP people want to do it. Since Chief Minister is present here, I would like to request to know what action are you taking on it?”

Dharambir, in his letter to Khattar, had alleged that “a land mafia is eyeing Rs 200 crore land of a social society-run private school in Bhiwani after encroaching land of a temple. Activities of the land mafia are tarnishing the image of BJP as allegations are being levelled on some persons of the party too in this game”.

Halwasiya Vidhya Vihar Senior Secondary School of Bhiwani that is functional on the land in question, was started with the donations from the public while the government had provided land for it.

Responding to Kiran Choudhry, Khattar said, “Although I am not fully aware of the particular issue, but I will apprise the House of whatever information I readily have. This is a very prestigious school. I am not aware about the background of its land, but this much I am aware that there was some dispute within the management of the school, which was also in the court. I have learnt that the two groups within the management that were fighting have indicated running the management collectively. Now, if the management jointly wants to function and run the school, we do not have any objection to that.”

Talking on the issue pertaining to school’s land, Khattar added, “As far as the land is concerned, if anybody wants to misuse the school’s land, that will not be tolerated and will be stopped at every cost.”