Chinese Restaurant's Unique Menu Goes Viral; We Bet You've Never Seen A Menu Like This One

Chinese Restaurant's Unique Menu Goes Viral; We Bet You've Never Seen A Menu Like This One
  • A restaurant wrote honest descriptions of foods in its menu.
  • Twitter post showing the menu went viral.
  • Read some amusing menu entries here.

The food industry has always been embroiled in a tough completion. Restaurants have to really fight it out to attract more customers in their city. The best way to rivet the attention of eaters and win their trust is by boasting of high-quality, excellent-tasting food. At least that's what we thought worked on everyone's minds, leading them to believe the restaurants serve good food. But here's a restaurant that proved us quite wrong. It actually became popular by just being honest with people. We had never seen honesty pay off in such a big way before!Aunt Dai, a Chinese restaurant in Montreal, Canada, won everyone's heart with its unabashedly honest menu. The owner, Feigang Fei, chose to give very personal and true descriptions of his dishes and tell customers to expect exactly what they'll get. No disappointments, no regrets!A Twitter user, Kim Blair, posted some shots of the menu from the unique restaurant, claiming, "Aunt Dai is my favourite Chinese restaurant in Montreal, but the REAL treat is the menu, featuring extremely honest commentary from the owner."Take a look -

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The Twitter post soon went viral with many internet users appreciating the blatant honesty of the restaurant owner. Here are some of the heart-felt descriptions from the menu that struck a chord with the restaurant's patrons:


(Also Read: Viral Post Makes People Order Food Online For Others; See How It All Began)"Comparing to our General Tao chicken, this one is not THAT good. Anyway, I am not a big fan of North American Chinese food and it's your call." says the information about orange beef.
Another description reads: "Don't let the name fool you, this one is NOT authentic Chinese food."
Feigang Fei gives a fair warning with this one: "This is new on our menu, I did NOT have a chance to try this one yet. According to a lot of customers, this one is very popular. Looks like I should spend more time eating in my own restaurant."