Bengaluru mechanic held for killing ex v c

Bengaluru mechanic held for killing ex v c

A mechanic, identified as the main assailant in the on the outskirts of Bengaluru, has been arrested.

Ganesh Kumar, a puncture shop owner and driver, was one of four persons hired to carry out the murder of former V-C Ayyappa Dore, 52, by the chancellor of the university Sudhir Angur and an executive Suraj Singh, police said. Ganesh was fired at by local police officers from R T Nagar police station after he resisted arrest, the police said.

The former V-C was stabbed at a playground near his residence in north Bengaluru on the night of October 15 by five hired men.

The murder has been linked to a long-running family feud for control of the university, between two brothers who founded the university.

Within 24 hours of the murder, the Bengaluru police had arrested two people for the crime based on analysis of cell phone usage around the crime scene at the time of the murder, CCTV footage and analysis of the circumstances of the murder.