AAP Leader's Twist On Manoj Tiwari's "Exit Polls Will Fail" Comment

AAP Leader's Twist On Manoj Tiwari's

"Manoj Tiwari will soon get an exit as Delhi BJP Chief," AAP's Saurabh Bhardwaj said.

New Delhi:

Hitting out at BJP leader Manoj Tiwari for his ''Delhi exit polls will fail'' remark, AAP leader Saurabh Bhardwaj on Saturday said the former knows that he will soon get an exit as the party's Delhi chief. 

"The exit poll has two meanings. One, it is exit poll for Delhi Elections 2020 and the other is that it is an exit poll for Manoj Tiwari. He will soon get an exit as Delhi BJP Chief and he knows this very well," Mr Bhardwaj told news agency ANI. 

The AAP leader exuded confidence that his party will sweep the Delhi elections with more than 60 per cent seats.

"BJP will get a big shock as they have put everything into these polls. The Hindus will show them that religion is about moving ahead with everyone together," he said. 

Mr Tiwari claimed that BJP will emerge victorious in the Delhi Assembly polls, stating that "all exit polls will fail and BJP will come into power with over 48 seats."

"All these exit polls will fail. Keep this tweet of mine. BJP will form the government in Delhi with over 48 seats in Delhi. Now, please do not find an excuse to blame Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs)," he tweeted soon after voting ended. 

Asked about low voter turnout this time, Mr Bhardwaj said,"There was no anti-incumbency, so voter turnout was less. There is just a marginal difference in voter turnout as compared to the last year."

Exit polls predict that the ruling AAP will return to power with an impressive victory in the Delhi election. The BJP expected to improve its numbers but finishing a distant second.