Zoa Morani donates blood plasma for the second time

Zoa Morani donates blood plasma for the second time
Zoa Morani recently shared a social media post explaining why she is donating blood again for plasma therapy. (Photo: Instagram/zoamorani).

Coronavirus survivor and actor Zoa Morani has once again donated blood for plasma therapy. The actor said the last time she donated blood for plasma therapy, it helped a COVID-19 patient to come out of the ICU.

She tweeted late Tuesday night, “Plasma donation round 2 ! Last time it helped get a patient out of ICU, note from my doctor, ‘hoping all recovered covid patients come out and donate their blood, u may be able to help someone’ #NairHospital #IndiaFightsCorona #plasmatherapy”

Indianexpress.com got in touch with Zoa Morani to understand why she took the decision to once again donate her blood for plasma therapy.

“The last time I donated blood for plasma, it worked very well on a patient who was on a ventilator in the ICU. He responded to the treatment very well and is out of the ICU now. There was an urgent requirement for another serious patient so they asked me to come back. Hoping the patient recovers soon. I spoke to his wife at night and haven’t stopped praying for her ever since,” the actor said.

When we asked about her health, Zoa Morani said that she is feeling “very strong.”

Zoa, her sister Shaza and their father Karim Morani had tested positive for coronavirus in April.

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