Top 10 documentaries to watch on Docubay

Top 10 documentaries to watch on Docubay
Docubay is a fine platform that hosts documentary films from a wide variety of genres like science, technology, travel, nature and so on.

During this lockdown introduced due to the coronavirus outbreak, it might be a good idea to update ourselves about this “minor planet of a very average star” (as the late scientist Stephen Hawking put it) we live in. Of course, books are a great option if you have developed a habit. Another good option is documentary films. More visual and less time-consuming, they are a great option unless you really need to delve into the details of a particular topic — in which case books are the better option.

Docubay is a fine platform that hosts documentary films covering genres like science, technology, travel, nature and so on.

A subscriber or planning to subscribe? Here is the stuff you can start with:

Epicenter: 24 Hours in Wuhan

This documentary film chronicles Chinese city Wuhan’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic in its initial days. For those who do not know, Wuhan is now considered to be the place from where the novel coronavirus originated.

The Harvey Weinstein Scandal

This documentary film is about the powerful media mogul brought down by countless courageous women who came forward with stories of sexual harassment.

Che Guevara: The Face that Lead a Revolution

A documentary about the Argentina-born Cuban revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara who, along with Fidel Castro, dared to take on the most powerful force the world has ever seen: the United States government. The story of this counter-culture icon is of incredible courage, inspiration and at the same time, cautionary.

Stonehenge: The Temple of Druids

Few places in the world are as enigmatic and mysterious. While archaeologists and historians have theories, nobody knows for certain the story behind these prehistoric standing stones that make a rough circle.

Bastion of the Giants

This documentary movie explores Assam’s Kaziranga National Park on the floodplains of the Brahmaputra river wherein lies the last habitat of the Asian elephants.

Artificial Intelligence: Creating a Code for Consciousness

Many fear the rise of AI, a fear that is mostly induced by pop culture (Terminator, for instance), but it is also pretty genuine. At least many experts think so. But there is another concern too. Robots can do whatever we do and better. But can they be taught morals? Can they be taught to distinguish from right and wrong?

The Next Great Extinction Event

The earth has seen several mass extinction events in its history. Are we heading for the next one? While one was inevitable, are we, due to our rampant misuse and wastage of natural resources, accelerating it?

Raghu Rai: Unframed Portrait

Learn about the legendary Indian photographer in this documentary made by his daughter.

The Last Cavemen

It is not just us who are tired of civilisation. An indigenous Filipino tribe returned to the jungles to live in caves like their ancestors, after they found that civilization was not their thing.

Smile Pinki

Smile Pinki, about an Indian girl born with a cleft lip, won the 81st Academy Award for Best Documentary (Short Subject).

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