The Current War trailer: Benedict Cumberbatch plays Edison in this period drama

The Current War trailer: Benedict Cumberbatch plays Edison in this period drama

In the more privileged parts of the world, electricity is taken for granted but the distribution of current was a big hurdle back in the 19th century and the independent thinking scientists of the time had waged quite a war to come out on top. This premise forms the base of the film The Current War.

The trailer of The Current War is out and it stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Shannon and Nicholas Hoult in lead roles.

Cumberbatch plays Thomas Edison, Shannon plays George Westinghouse and Hoult plays Nikola Tesla. The film is set in the late 19th century when their rivalry centred around the subject of power distribution across the world. Edison is famous for inventing the lightbulb which tipped the scales in his favour but the contribution of all three scientists left a lasting impact on the world.

Watch the trailer of The Current War here:

The film explores the politics of the scientific community and how the three scientists wanted to prove that their inventions were better than anyone else’s.

The film also stars Tom Holland, Katherine Waterston and Tuppence Middleton among others. Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, the film was first screened at the Toronto International Film festival in 2017. Soon after, the abuse allegations against Harvey Weinstein came to light and the film was left in jeopardy.

The Hollywood Reporter reviewed the film and wrote, “For all its aggressive energy, The Current War is an uninvolving bore, making it unlikely to measure up as the kind of Oscar-baity prestige entry The Weinstein Co. obviously had in mind.”

The Current War is scheduled to release in October 2019.