Super 30 movie quick review

Super 30 movie quick review

There is a moment towards the end, where the rain washes away Hrithik Roshan’s happy tears. This moment also leaves many eyes moist in the audience. Super 30, in a nutshell, is that very scene! To call it Hrithik’s most nuanced act in a long time won’t be wrong. The actor infuses life into the character of award-winning mathematician Anand Kumar, and his hard work is visible.

The film does change the popular opinion that Hrithik was not the best bet to play the part. He might not be hundred percent, but he is much better than so many other actors we’ve seen doing the same recently.

Super 30 also belongs to those 30 brilliant students. Though the makers claimed that these theatre actors auditioned and made it to the final selection, we wonder where they were hiding till now. They are real scene stealers.

Supporting actors like Mrunal Thakur and Nandish Singh also manage to impress. But it is Pankaj Tripathi (even if in a handful of scenes) who becomes unforgettable. Playing a conspiring politician, Tripathi is both cunning and funny. It was also a treat to see Aditya Srivastava outside his CID avatar, playing Anand’s arch-rival.

Super 30 does have its loose ends with major portions being fictionalised. There is a deliberate attempt at making it more commercially viable. The makers could have easily done away with the typical Bollywood treatment.

The trailer of Super 30 did not really do justice to this film, because Super 30, in its entirety, is much better. It sheds light on how Anand converted his dream into reality, be it facing challenges like financial crisis, political pressure, commercialisation of education sector or his personal loss. All this and more, Super 30 depicts convincingly.