Salman Khan Talks About Anger And Cooking During Lockdown

Salman Khan Talks About Anger And Cooking During Lockdown

Salman Khan at Deanne Panday's virtual book launch


  • "I tried to cook during the lockdown," said Salman Khan
  • "I have anger, which is needed," he added
  • "I don't have a temper and that's not good," Salman said

Wellness coach Deanne Panday has just released her new book titled Balance: The Secret To True Health And Happiness In 13 Ways. The book focuses on 13 vital elements that lead to a happy and healthy life. These elements are relationships, home, finance, career, health, physical activity, joy, spirituality, home-cooked food, creativity, education, social life, and climate change.

The book was launched by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan on. In a conversation with Rohit Khilnani, Salman and Deanne discussed various chapters from the book.


The cover of Deanne Panday's new book

Salman Khan said he loves his mom's food. He has always preferred home-cooked food even when he is shooting. "It's an acquired taste from childhood which can't change. I tried to cook during the lockdown. I managed egg bhurji, dal, roti, and a few other things. I follow my mother's recipe. But even if I follow that it can never have the taste that she manages to get out of it."

Deanne said, "I wanted Salman to launch this book and talk about it because he and his family follow all these things. Eating home-cooked food, doing charity, giving back to society, taking care of health, managing, and nurturing relationships."

In one of the chapters, Deanne talks about relationships, friendships and anger. The two discussed that as well during the interview. Salman said, "I have anger, which is needed. Anger is not bad, if you want to take a stand you should have anger. I don't have a temper and that's not good. We get upset about small things like if someone is late, or if the shoot didn't start on time. I tell people, look around and see how privileged we are, we should just be grateful for what all we have." Deanne added, "He is right. Bad temper is something that's not good for anybody, I agree with Salman."


In the book Balance, Deanne talks about the circle-of-life programme, which will help the leader on the path to wellness.

Deanne Panday's book Balance: The Secret To True Health And Happiness In 13 Ways is published by Penguin Random House India and is available for Rs 299.