Little america first impression apple tv plus

Little america first impression apple tv plus
Little America is streaming on Apple TV+.

The short stories in Apple TV+’s anthology Little America are focused on the lives of immigrants in America. Through the 30-minute duration of each episode, the makers try to paint a picture that’s hopeful but leaves you melancholic.

In the first segment titled The Manager, director Deepa Mehta tells the story of an Indian family who manages a motel. The parents’ papers need to be renewed, so they have to leave their pre-teen son Kabir in America as the manager of their motel. The boy struggles to manage school, home and work as well. When an opportunity arises where he can meet the First Lady, he works hard so that he can plead for his parents.

Of course, the episode is designed for Americans, so I felt certain elements jarring. And topping the list is the excessive usage of Hindi film songs. The tracks don’t necessarily always fit the mood that the scene is trying to capture.

As the episode moves on, this feels like a never-ending tragic journey. Even when you see the so-called happy ending, it comes with a haze of sadness, of the years lost and the scars that would never heal.

The younger Kabir, played by Eshan Inamdar, has hope and the determination to fight, and the older Kabir, played by Suraj Sharma, has been through so much that a night of peaceful sleep is probably the stuff of his dreams.

Verdict: Little America has eight stories of 30 minutes each. You can give it a chance when you wish to take a break from the daily chores.

Little America is streaming on Apple TV+.

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