Have You Seen Mumbai's Biggest Halva Paratha That Has Gone Viral?

Have You Seen Mumbai's Biggest Halva Paratha That Has Gone Viral?
  • Mumbai is bustling with variety of street foods
  • Mahim's Halva paratha is a popular street food
  • This Mahim street food stall is serving up gigantic parathas

There is something about India's street food that never ceases to amaze us. The moment you feel you have tried everything, there comes a dish that takes the internet by storm, and you are forced to make new additions to your bucket list. One such video posted by Facebook page Street Food Recipes has piqued the fancy of foodies based in Mumbai. Featuring in this video is one of Mumbai's biggest parathas in terms of size. Mahim's Halva Paratha is made with maida and is fried in ghee till it is golden and crispy. The video also shows the chef flatten the dough using his palms and eventually shaping it as big as the circumference of the kadhai itself. The gigantic paratha is fried in ghee using a spatula until both sides are perfectly cooked. The paratha is then transferred onto a plate and served with a portion of halwa topped with nuts and dry fruits. It won't be an exaggeration to say that Halwa Paratha is one of Mumbai's most popular street food. And if you think Mumbai's street food fare is all about fiery curries and bhajis, you should perhaps try this interesting combination.

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The viral video has garnered more than 63k likes and 2k comments within a day of going live. While some cannot stop commending the skills of the chef, others sounded wary of the hygiene factor, given the paratha was made using bare hands and arms. You can watch the video here.


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"Biggest ever seen. He made it with gentle, smooth & swift respecting the paratha. Yummy with dhal, sambal and mutton kimma. Fabulous!" wrote a user. "No hygiene and also making with sweaty hand  and too much ghee which is bad for heart also", wrote another.

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