Dwayne Johnson thinks a black Superman movie might happen soon

Dwayne Johnson thinks a black Superman movie might happen soon

Superhero movies are all the rage these days. While the genre is not exactly known for its diversity and representation of marginalised groups, it is changing for good year-on-year. Dwayne Johnson is one of the recent A-listers to enter the fray.

While Johnson is not playing a superhero, and his character Black Adam is a supervillain, we are definitely going to see him in a meaty role in an upcoming DC comic book movie. And we can be certain he will not be your usual run-of-the-mill bad guy, but a complex figure.

Dwayne Johnson thinks that the day is not far when we will see a black Superman on the big screen. While speaking to Variety, he said, “Maybe one day you’ll see a black Superman,” adding, “You’re looking at him.”

While Superman has mostly been depicted as a white man (though he is an alien), there have been variants like Calvin Ellis in DC Comics. For those who do not know, Calvin is a black Superman outside the primary DC continuity (also called the DC Universe). Like Clarke Kent, he is originally a Kryptonian and was sent to earth to escape Krypton’s destruction.

He was then raised by an American couple as their son. But he differs from Clarke Kent in that he is also the president of the United States, while Clarke is a journalist with the fictional newspaper Daily Planet. Calvin Ellis was modelled on Barack Obama.

Michael B Jordan, who was rumoured to be considered for the role of Superman, has expressed his wish to play the role as well.

Dwayne Johnson will play the bad guy opposite Zachary Levi’s Shazam. But before that, the actor will star in the role in a standalone movie. The release date of the film is unknown so far.