'BB 14': Rahul Targets Abhinav During Captaincy Task, Rubina Loses Her Calm

'BB 14': Rahul Targets Abhinav During Captaincy Task, Rubina Loses Her Calm

Bigg Boss 14 Day 46 Update: A still from the house.


  • Almost all of the housemates turned against Kavita Kaushik
  • She got into an ugly fight with Eijaz Khan
  • Bigg Boss introduced a new captaincy task
New Delhi:

In tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 14, all the housemates turned against Kavita Kaushik. The 46th day started in the house with an argument between Kavita and Jasmin Bhasin over kitchen duties. Aly Goni later joined the fight as he took Jasmin's side. Kavita and Aly made remarks on each other's shows. After Jasmin and Aly, Kavita got into a heated argument with Eijaz Khan. The duo have been trending on social media because of their sour relation since Kavita's first day in the house. During their fight, furious Kavita pushed Eijaz, after which others intervened to prevent the situation from getting worse.

To elect the new captain of the house, Bigg Boss introduced a new task - Ek Tha Raja, Ek Thi Raani. Rubina Dilaik and Rahul Vaidya were made the King and the Queen to rule the black and red thrones but to fight the game against each other. The other housemates were asked to work as Rubina and Rahul's "sevaks" and make hearts for their respective teams. Rubina's team has to make red hearts while Rahul's team was asked to make black hearts. Bigg Boss announced that the one who will get his/her teammates to make the maximum number of hearts will win the task. The King and Queen were also given money so that they can give it to their teammates as salary.

After the task was announced, Rubina as the Queen and Rahul as the King started to reach out to housemates and promised them that they will pay them handsomely for the hearts if they will join their team.


The task soon turned violent after housemates tore down hearts of the opponents from the walls. Queen Rubina and King Rahul ended up having a huge clash. Rubina lost her calm when Rahul targeted her husband Abhinav during the task and made fun of him for always acting as Rubina's advocate. She asked Rahul not to speak ill of her husband.

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