Pailwaan actor kichcha sudeep trailer launch

Pailwaan actor kichcha sudeep trailer launch

Pailwaan actor Sudeep, who has a string of upcoming releases in different languages, doesn’t believe being busy is a mark of a successful actor. Sudeep believes that an actor is alive as long as stories are written for him or her.

The actor today unveiled the trailer of his upcoming Kannada film, Pailwaan, which will also be released in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. During the press meet here, Sudeep was asked how he felt about his multiple releases that include Pailwaan, Telugu multi-starrer Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy and Salman Khan-starrer Dabangg 3.

“As an actor what more do you want? It’s not about the releases or the numbers of languages. The fact that many people across need you, want you. The day an actor is not required, the day no one is writing for you, is when you’re actually dead,” he said.

“It’s not four-five flops that kill an actor. What kills an actor is when you are not wanted anywhere or nobody is writing for you. That’s a very scary moment,” he added.

Sudeep further said he feels lucky he is in a phase where people are writing scripts especially for him. “Today, when so many people are writing for me, I think there cannot be a better thing for an actor than this, that you’re required, they call you, they want you. All you want to do is take a flight, go there and do what they want. It’s beautiful.”

Pailwaan, also starring Suniel Shetty, has been directed by S Krishna. The film releases on September 12.