Apple TV+ streaming guide: Top shows and movies to watch

Apple TV+ streaming guide: Top shows and movies to watch
Here are the best shows and movies on Apple TV+.

Cupertino tech giant Apple’s entry into the now-crowded streaming market with Apple TV+ has been a relatively muted affair, especially considering the popularity of the company’s other products. The reason is Apple has decided to host exclusively original content and despite having makers like Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey and M Night Shyamalan on board, its library is not extensive as of yet, particularly when compared to market leaders Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Unlike Disney or Warner Bros, Apple is a new entrant to the entertainment market and does not have its own ready library. Still, at Rs 99 per month in India, the service is dirt cheap (another factor that distinguishes it from other Apple products), and for that money, the content is quite good.

Here is a list of ten shows and movies that you should watch if you possess an Apple TV+ subscription:


This M Night Shyamalan-produced and directed psychological horror drama generated some good buzz thanks to its promos that teased a series with a fresh, unnerving premise. Dolls that come alive is nothing new in horror, but Servant gives it a unique twist.


A reboot of the educative 1990s show of the same name, Ghostwriter has a tantalising premise and should appeal to the young and old alike, even though it is clearly geared towards the former. After a neighbourhood bookstore is haunted by a ghost, who begins to release fictional characters into the world, four children must band together to help the ghost complete his unfinished business.

Oprah’s Book Club

This one is for bibliophiles. A revival of a segment of The Oprah Winfrey Show, the show is hosted by — you guessed it — Oprah Winfrey and features engaging discussions with authors about their books.

The Morning Show

This drama takes you inside the office of a morning news programme. Despite featuring Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carrell and Reese Witherspoon, the series never reaches its full potential, and the writing fails the actors who try their best to sell it. The Morning Show is still a good diversion and does offer a few insights.


If there is one thing to be said about Apple TV+ content, the executives in charge are going out of their way to be audacious. Dickinson is another example. The series is about the 19th-century American poetess Emily Dickinson. Though it is set in that era, it has modern sensibilities and tone (as the show’s logline boasts), and the result is an interesting series fit for the post #MeToo world. It is irrelevant whether you have any experience with Dickinson’s work. That is not the point. But this series may inspire you to check her poetry.

The Banker

This Anthony Mackie and Samuel L Jackson starrer may not hit all the right spots, but it does a good job in carrying the message across. Also, it is mighty entertaining most of the time (the star power does help) and even handles race pretty well. I would personally love to see Mackie and Jackson together more.


Jason Momoa-led See is created by Steven Knight, who is known for Peaky Blinders and Taboo. It tells the story of a tribe, in the post-apocalyptic society, who have lost the ability to see. They are thus forced to make do with other senses. The novel aspect of the series wears off quite quickly, but it remains fairly watchable throughout.

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