Amid lockdown, Anurag Kashyap recommends shows and movies

Amid lockdown, Anurag Kashyap recommends shows and movies
Check out some of these recommendations by director Anurag Kashyap.

Amid the lockdown due to coronavirus, we are all locked up inside our houses, and even though household chores are keeping us occupied, we still have a lot of free time on our hands. For those who want to watch the best movies and shows during self-isolation period, here are some recommendations from ace filmmaker Anurag Kashyap.

1. V for Vendetta (Netflix)

This 2005 film is a dystopian political thriller starring Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman. The film’s plot revolves around V (Weaving), a masked vigilante who is trying to start an uprising against the totalitarian government.

2. The Outsider (Hotstar)

Based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name, this HBO series is streaming on Hotstar. The Outsider is about the rape and murder of a child. Circumstantial evidence points towards Jason Bateman’s character, but the truth is something else.

3. Curtiz (Netflix)

Curtiz is based on director Michael Curtiz’s journey while making the classic Casablanca. The film explores the production troubles, studio politics and all the drama that happened behind the scenes while making the classic 1942 film.

4. The Occupant (Netflix)

This Spanish suspense thriller is the story of an advertising executive who loses his job. After he starts stalking the new occupants of his old house, things take a sinister turn.

5. The Platform (Netflix)

This film could lead you down a path of anxiety during the lockdown so beware while you watch it. Here, we see a tower-shaped prison where prisoners on the upper floors are well-fed, while the ones living on lower floors starve. The floors keep moving up and down, but the habit of hoarding turns prisoners into selfish and unsympathetic beings.


6. Devs (Hotstar)

This FX miniseries is streaming on Hotstar. Here, Nick Offerman’s Forest runs a quantum computing company, and Sonoya Mizuno’s Lily Chan believes that the company is responsible for the disappearance of her boyfriend.

7. Dare Me (Netflix)

Dare Me is set in a high school and follows a cheerleading team. The young adult drama explores their relationships, friendships as they get to know their new cheerleading coach.

8. Kingdom (Netflix)

Kingdom is a Korean drama that explores the story of a kingdom where a mysterious plague is taking over. The prince of the city is somehow their only hope against this calamity.