Receive Today's Fuel Rates On Your Mobile. Here's How

Receive Today's Fuel Rates On Your Mobile. Here's How

Petrol and diesel rates in the country vary from state to state

Did you know you can receive the current fuel prices in different parts of the country on your mobile?State-run Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) - the country's largest fuel retailer - enables users to receive information on current prices of petrol and diesel in an SMS. All you have to do is send an SMS in a particular format to the service number 9224992249. At present, oil marketing companies - such as Indian Oil - review the retail prices of petrol and diesel on a daily basis, and implement any changes with effect from 6 am. Fuel rates vary from region to region due to local taxes. 

So what is the format of this SMS? For example, to find out about the current fuel rates applicable in the national capital, send the following text to 9224992249:

RSP 102072

In the text above, notice that there is space between "RSP" and "102072", and the number is a "dealer code" assigned to New Delhi.

Let's relook at the format. It is: 

RSPpetrol pump dealer code

Here's a list of dealer codes you can choose from:

CitySMS Text
New DelhiRSP 102072
MumbaiRSP 108412
ChennaiRSP 133593
KolkataRSP 119941
AgartalaRSP 159850
AizwalRSP 160181
AmbalaRSP 102049
BangaloreRSP 118219
BhopalRSP 169398
BhubhaneswarRSP 124305
ChandigarhRSP 102790
DamanRSP 177747
DehradunRSP 161143
FaridabadRSP 102287
GandhinagarRSP 218671
GangtokRSP 159289
GhaziabadRSP 154410
GurgaonRSP 102082
GuwahatiRSP 159571
HyderabadRSP 134483
ImphalRSP 159875
ItanagarRSP 160647
JaipurRSP 123143
JammuRSP 108726
JullunderRSP 108743
KohimaRSP 160154
LucknowRSP 155054
NoidaRSP 155444
PanjimRSP 125676
PatnaRSP 166873
PondicherryRSP 135299
Port BlairRSP 220191
RaipurRSP 169751
RanchiRSP 166751
ShillongRSP 159828
ShimlaRSP 109295
SilvasaRSP 112114
SrinagarRSP 109536
TrivandrumRSP 124923
VijayawadaRSP 127611
VisakhapatnamRSP 127290

State-run companies Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum account for the majority of fuel pumps in the country.